Hello!!! I am Kelyane ( or Kewlly, Kelly, Keilane, Teliane, whatever you called me I will understand it ) and this is Lolla Gump. It’s just more one blog that I have created. I am 27y ( almost 30’s crisis ), brazilian, currently living in Munich Germany and work as a software engineer ( IT girl ).

I am a dreamy person, most of the time I am imagining how it will be my day, or what I will do next weekend, or samplely if I meet a friend how it can be fantastic. On other hand, I’m afraid to be alone and crowded places (working to improve them). However I love to talk about anything, in the beginning I am shy, but you will regret to know me after (crazy person).

I already lived in Amsterdam during 1 year, doing an internship, in general, it was one of the best moments of my life and I am living in Munich now, the best moment.

I also love to travel, watching TV series, movies, taking pictures, sleeping, reading books, drinking cocktails with friends, shareing a good story and recently I have started to learn violin, play Dota 2 (sniper) and RPG (human wizard) and I am still trying to learn German and other languages.

… and cheese and pizza lover.