Everything that I would like to say, but I could not

Hello dear,

I had to make a decision last Sunday. Unfortunately, this decision was a break up. Every month we had having this kind of discussion. I really tried to find some solution for us, all the time, but it was only me trying something, however you were also saying me that you love me and stay with me, but your actions were not like it.

I guess I am polite enough, but I really would like to say ‘fuck you’, look what I am, why I should be with you if you are treating me like that? I really deserve something better. You are been a such teenager. Grow up! Be an adult and relay in your responsabilies. Stop taking care of what people think about you, sorry, because there are more than 7billions people in the world and I am sure 90% of them will not like you and others you are against even looking at them. Besides it, wtf are you creating personalities? where is your essence, yourself? Meeting people to experiment? When did human being become labor’s mouses? (even it should not happen). I really want to be happy, full happy. I really had a lot of happiness, but why should I submit myself in another unhealthy relationship? and please, stop saying you love me, if you really do, then do it, not do that shits.

I also was an idiot girl to believe in truly love with you, however you said in the beginning that you don’t want any commitment, but it was 10 months ago. Both of us were weak persons that time, a lot of things changed, our feelings got strong. I believed that we could have something, actually you always gave me some hope about it, but in the end you were just, maybe, using me, because I am beautiful, gorgeous, cute, successful, smart, great salary, great job, great in sex, for what from you, just small works that you were saying that you love me. Yes, you loved me, loved me with second thoughts. You know that you are losing to much that I am leaving you, but I am still a very idiot girl to believe that you could be with me, because I really loved you. Love you more than I should.
If someone read it, ofc they will think that I am a weak girl to accept all that, but they really don’t know all the story behind us and me. And even I am been it, I still love you and still here for you, but sometimes love is not enough.

Good bye.
Heart broken

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