I wanted to be loved today

I woke up today with the desire to be loved, forgetting all the rules, standard and obligations I have everyday. I wanted to be in my bed, drinking a hot chocolate and watching a romantic comedy, like a matinee. It would be better if you were here, babe, with me by my side, making caress and warming me up with you.

Sometimes people get so obsessed they want to be independent, show that they are able to do everything by themselves, solve any kind of problem without asking any help, they end up forgetting how good it’s to have a day when they can be fondled and loved.

I don’t feel myself empty or needy, I am with someone who complements me, I also have friends and myself, but I would like to overflow my feelings of love today, saying how much I love you and listening how much you love me. It’s like a day when there was only me and you, as a fairy tale. well, why couldn’t we dream with fairy tales?

However if you couldn’t come today, I will love myself anyway and maybe I could wait for you in a next time when I wake up as today.

Love me and love you. <3

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  1. I love you too. <3

    1. <3

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