Sorry. I don’t love you anymore.

We have been together for almost one year, or let’s say 3 or 4 months closer, but never in a real relationship.
We started it when I was in a very depression situation and you in a very freedom way of life.
During all this time, we lived a lot of emotional and intensive moments. I really could say some of them were the best in my life. I was learning too much with you every day, how to improve myself, increase my self esteem and self confidence. So yeah, I did it.
During this same time, we also had a lot discution and argues, we both were trying to show our point of view of each situation, and almost broke up too, but we somehow wanted to be together, then we tried to find some solution, besides that I was afraid to lose you, however you have a way to live your life that I didn’t agree so much, but we were there.
Recently, I had a very strong and difficult anxious time, special about insecurity, over attachment, overthinking. I know it’s not good for both of us. and then one day you told “I don’t have more feelings for you”. Wait?? Why should I stay with someone that doesn’t more feelings for me? Since that day, I started to think a lot a lot about us and what I want for me.

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