That day is here

In another post, I said that day will arrive when I will break up with you.

This day is here, but a little bit different from what I planned. Actually I am giving you another chance, because recently you showed me, how good you are. Since some days before my birthday, you were there. I was really amazed by your gift. The time when you travelled and when I arrived there. it was the most incredible in my life. Somehow, ok there is a huge culture issue here, but I feel closer to you and your family.

I mean all these great times will not change what you are exactly, but I know you can be more than that. I will not expect you for change, really no, but if you want to be with me, it’s me. I really know what I want and what can hurts me. I really don’t like at all your Tinder stuffs. Actually, I will try to talk to you about it, speciall because recently you also offended me deeply, but as you know, I can handle it and special now when I am feeling very self-confidence. So, it’s not like you deserved this another chance, but I like to be with you and you proved me you also like me. Besides Tinder, I know you hide things from me, you are meeting a lot of people and all these things that most of the people could consider as a cheating. I will be patient just more once, because I know I am a very pretty girl, sociable, cute, nice, hot (yes), so easily I can find someone else. No, this is not a bet or something like that. It’s just because I growd up and no more sad moments of end of loves.

I don’t know if you will read it one day or not, but for sure you will know it, because I will talk to you about all these things, but I can say you one thing right now, I do love you so much, but don’t hurt me again, I am not more a pitty girl.

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