This day is almost arriving

This day will be when I will say with you bye. It’s over.

We already were cleary enough, you know what I want and I know what you want. Special because I am tired about what you have been doing. I really know what you do. We have discussed about it a lot of times, you always say the same and for me it’s always to improve myself, but what about you?

I know all the games you are playing, your attitudes, special because you do them almost in my front, imagine in my back, but you think you are hidden them. Sorry but this is the worst thing you can do.

I will not complain more about them, because I really get tired of it. You are always saying that you care about me, but it’s not true. You are hurtting me more than I am feeling loved with you. I will not say anything more until that day.

You want freedom, me too. A freedom to find someone or just enjoy my life when someone says ‘take care’ and really do it.

I really got in deep love with you, even sick I am able to do whatever I want. I will never give you execuses, because for you, as a love, you always have a priority, not more than me, but for things that I could move with my hands. I will do an effort for it, it will not matter about what.

All these times, we had a lot of amazing moments, I could be the best of myself. You did teach me a lot of things, I am super thank you for it. The most important thing, I found myself and I was able to love again. Love you.

This will happen soon, because the only things that I want are respect, honesty and be loved, no more love and benefits for you. Maybe for a miracle this will not happen, but do you believe in miracle? I don’t.

Or all of it was just a feeling that I was having, but I will remember all of them.

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